6th ADS at Nouasseur Decal

Decal from about 1958....6th ADS at Nouasseur.  Became the 6th MMS in 1959

These photos were donated by Ward Jennings, Louisville KY . Nouasseur 1959-1961

Post Office & Airman's Club Nouasseur‏

Post Office Quonset Hut....and Airman's Club in back left.  Was taken at time of aircraft crash ( F-86) down on flight line.
Air Police Jeep and neat 1950's cars in foreground .   Jeeps were used until Dec 1959

Old Strike Team Truck‏

Strike Team Truck or as we referred to it "Bread Truck".  No marking but did have a radio.  Used until Dec 1959
Glenn Byers and Robert Paridise clowning around at pistol range

Ammo and POL Storage Nouasseur‏

Ammo and POL Storage.  This was a AP post up until Jan 1960.  As we cut back on troops it was no longer guarded.

Dallas Huts and New Barracks 1959 Nouasseur‏

Dallas Huts and New Barracks 1959 .  When the new barracks or "dormitories" were opened in Feb 1959 the tour of duty went from 18 months to 24 months for single unattached people

One of Two Posting Trucks Nouasseur

One of Two Posting Trucks we got in December 1959..after the jeeps and ton & a half trucks were finished.
One was for troops and the other for K-9 posting.  This one without the red light appears to be the K-9 vehicle.  In addition it SMELLED very odd.

More from Gun Range Nouasseur 1959‏

Up until Ike came to Nouasseur we would shoot every month.  Once the plan was to give up the base, we never went to the range as a flight.   It was like no one cared anymore

Alert Crew Quarters Nouasseur‏

Alert Crew Quarters 1959 Nouasseur

USO Casablanca 1950's‏

USO Casablanca 1950's‏

TI's or instructors wore these on their Helmet's....and some earlier AP squadron's also used them.

TI's or instructors wore these on their Helmet's....and some earlier AP squadron's also used them.

Driver's school on highway between Casablanca and Rabat. Old vehicles used until December 1959

Base Motor Pool

Base Chapel

Stockade....only had one cell. Not used very much

Dressed for Town Patrol....Summer 1959

F 86. 357th FIS. They departed Nouasseur Fall 1959

Another shot of the pistol range

Loaded B 47 on Alert

Driver's school on highway between Casablanca and Rabat. Old vehicles used until December 1959

Driver's school on highway between Casablanca and Rabat. Old vehicles used until December 1959

Main Gate to Alert Area....December 1959

Main Gate to Alert Area....December 1959

Some of the

Some of the

Some of the

Some of the

Photo Credit: Sidney P. Beck CMSGT Ret. - Stationed at both Nouasseur and Moron from 1962 to 1965

Pictures in this exhibit were taken 30 June 1963, and are in the following sequence:

Project Mercury Support Aircraft
1. Two Atlantic Air Rescue Service amphibians on hand at Nouasseur to cover the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa against a possible contingency recovery. The area covered by Nouasseur Con- trol was one of the more likely spots should a contingency recovery prove necessary.

2. The Bell helicopter tucked neatly into the C-130. Complete- ly assembled, it needed only to be rolled out and cranked up for flight. Munitions and supplies stored with this transport made it a self-containted unit for recovery of the astronaut from jungle or plain.
Another C-130 carried a pair of jeeps and other recovery equipment. Both aircraft were stationed at Nouasseur during the Project Mercury MA-9 shot.
3. Project Mercury support airplanes prepare for launch on 17 May. Three C-130 aircraft line the western end of the ramp. The Navy Neptune reconnaisances planes flew long hours to be in place for a possible contingency recovery.

Nouasseur, Morocco

Location: 18 miles from Casablanca

Date of Current Name: 

Previous Names:  

Date of Establishment:  

Date Construction Began: 23 Apr 51

Date of Beneficial Occupancy:  	Dec 51

Base Operating Units:  16 Jul 51 - 8 Jun 53     80 Air Depot Wg
                        8 Jun 53 - 1 Mar 54     7280 Air Depot Wg
                        1 Mar 54 - 1 Jun 56     7280 ABGp
                        1 Jun 56 - 1 Jul 58     3153 ABGp (AMC)
                                                redesignated 3153 ABWg
                        1 Jul 58 - 1 Sep 63     3922 ABG (SAC)
                                                redesignated 3922 CSG
                        1 Sep 63 - 20 Dec 63    3922 ABSq (Prov)

Major Units Assigned:   1 Jun 53 - 8 Mar 60     357 Ftr-Intcp Wg    F-86D
                                                4310 AD (SAC)
                       16 Jan 52 -   ?          118 AC&W Sq
                       25 Jun 52 -   ?          154 AC&W Gp
                                 -  63          Atlantic Air Rescue Center Cmd Post

Disposition: 	Returned 20 Dec 63
		Later named Casablanca Nouasseur Int'l Airport and then 
                Casablanca Mohamed V Int'l Airport.
	Built as SAC bomber base after French and US signed a base rights agreement 
for the French protectorate of Morocco on 22 Dec 50.  Negotiations were more than just 
complicated, not only did they involve the French in Morocco but the French in Paris, 
the Moroccans, the Army Corps of Engineers, the contractors and US Congress.  

Short deployments of SAC B-29, B-36, & B-50 began soon after the base was finished.  
The concrete was substandard and the winter rainy seasons made many parts unusable.  
Congress began an investigation and no more construction was allowed.  The water tower 
hadn't been built yet so there was no running water, the boilers couldn't be repaired 
so there was no hot water, there was no paved walkways (everything sunk in the mud in 
winter), the huts were leaky and there was little recreation as rising Arab nationalism 
put the towns off limits. An assistant Secretary of Defense said after a visit that it 
was the worst base she had ever seen.  Eventually some defects were corrected.  USAFE 
began some reconnaissance training in mid 50s and fighter training deployments in Sep 52.  
	The base was established as an Air Depot on 1 Oct 52.  The 80 ADW was charged 
with providing logistic support for all Air Force activities in French Morocco area, 
including 5 AD (SAC).   In Mar 54 the depot was assigned to AMFE (Air Material Force, 
Europe) and  two years later to AMC (Air Material Command)

	Morocco had long been a French colony; when it gained its independence in 1956, 
it sought to force both France and Spain to evacuate their forces from the country. The 
United States, found itself caught in the middle of the struggle between Morocco and 
France. In 1958 Morocco asked the United States to negotiate a basing agreement. The 
French insisted that they owned the base land and that the United States would have 
to negotiate with France. Unable to reconcile these views, the United States agreed, 
in September 1958, to close its Moroccan bases within five years. In fact, the 
withdrawal took little more than 18 months. Most American forces had left the bases 
by the end of April 1960 and the bases were returned shortly after.  Nouasseur was 
returned 20 Dec 63.

10 May 99

The King and Ike

This is another photo of King  Mohammed V and President Eisenhower in the Kings Limo leaving Nouasseur heading to Casablanca for meetings.  This was Dec 22, 1959...the "tail" from Air Force One is on
the left.

Susie's Bar - Rabat Morocco 1959

Here is a classic photo.  Susie's Bar in Rabat.  Now, this is "between" Sidi and Nouasseur.

Base Airport

These pictures were taken in 1961 and 62.  I was a corpsman assigned
to the base hospital.


Best Buddies

Crackerbox Ambulance

Outside the Barracks

The Airmans Club

Moroccan Soldier

Water Seller

The Golf Course

The Moroccan Shop


 From Ward Jennings (Scout Master) 

Nouasseur Open Arena as of 1983. Moroccan took their sweet old time taking it down.

Nouasseur Newspaper sometime between 1959-1961

Modern Day Photo of Nouasseur Dorms...1990

Modern Day Photo of Nouasseur Dorms...1990
   This is what our Dorm's at Nouasseur look like today, from the entrance to King Mohammad V Airport.  They are used as Hostels for Pilgrims going to Mecca
    This is NOT from Miss Sharon's School Web site.  I took this photo my self when we visited Morocco in 1990.

President Eisenhower Visits Morocco 12/1959 - YouTube

Nouasseur returnees orders for July 1961

Boy Scout Building, Nouasseur & Newspaper Article Boulhaut

Boy Scout Building, Nouasseur ....was attached to the Nelson C. Brown School Building.
Newspaper article regarding the closing of Boulhaut....Fall of 1960

United States Vice President Richard Nixon visit Morocco and meet Sultan Muhammad Ibn Yusuf

Geneva Convention Card

 From Ward Jennings


Nouasseur Main Gate Sign

Vintage Boy Scout Neckerchief Troop 182 Tranatlantic Council Nouasseur Morocco

 From the collection of ward jennings

Girl Scouts 1st Moroccan Fantasia Marrakech 8x10 1957

 From the collection of ward jennings

Officers Club Nouasseur Morocco Plate

Officers Club Nouasseur Morocco Plate


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